Conditions We Treat

  • Back pain (including lower back pain)

  • Cancer pain

  • Cervical (neck) Pain

  • Chronic pain syndrom (CPS)

  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS/RSD)

  • Diabetic neuropathy

  • Disc, facet and nerve root pain

  • Failed back syndrome

  • Musculoskeletal pain

  • Post-Operative pain

  • Sacroiliac disease

  • Sciatica Shingles

  • Thoracic (mid-back) pain

Procedures We Use

  • Therapeutic Nerve Block:
    Involves injecting a local anesthetic or neurological agent and blocking pain at its source in the nerve; Useful in treating pain caused by both benign and malignant disease.

  • Epidural Steroid Injection:
    Non-invasive option that manages acute and chronic spine pain; Delivers steroids to the affected area.

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator:
    For patients with neuropathic pain and failed back surgery; Involves sending electric signals into the target area, producing a tingling that eases the pain.

  • Radio Frequency Thermal Ablation:
    For the treatment of facet joint disease, Involves placing probes near the offending nerve and heating for 90 seconds at 80 degrees centigrade; Typical relief can be sustained from 6 months up to 2 years, depending on nerve regeneration.

  • Joint Injections: 
    Used to treat chronic pain in the major joints, shoulders, hips, knees & SI joints. Delivers steroids to the affected area. Knee pain is also treated using viscosupplements (hyaluronic acid).

  • Medication and Patient Education